Is a sea kayak stable enough to fish from?

I would be fishing in Maine and using a sea kayak. I don’t know how stable they are and if it would be a bad idea. Please give me any information you know.

6 thoughts on “Is a sea kayak stable enough to fish from?

  1. jamesc9009 Post author

    Yea it should be fine. I pulled 4ft sharks off the coast of Beliz in mine with no problem.

  2. Jay M Post author

    I’ve done it before and it’s kind of pain. You can’t just stay in a spot and fish with a kayak, especially on the ocean, you constantly have to be paddling to even out and not get pulled out by the current. Every 2-3 casts I’d have to take several minutes to put my rod away, take out my paddles, and row back into position.

  3. winkydink Post author

    turtle, –
    it depends a lot on which type of kayak your riding in. Check out you tube, there are a bunch of videos, instructional and otherwise, that show the how to’s and what-not. many on Maine as well.

    i hope you are going with others who have the experience, and are able to practice before heading out to sea. the one thing I would insist on, is to have the ability to get back on the kayak by yourself in open water. This will help your confidence and you will enjoy your trip much more.

  4. Hazel H Post author

    Should be no problem for an experienced kayaker and seasoned angler.
    Just keep aware of weather conditions and make smart choices.

    Have fun fishing.

  5. J-d Patterson Post author

    Oh yeah it should be just fine as long as you know how to kayak. One my friends had fought a marlin for about a half hour in his kayak.

  6. ussoldier202 Post author

    Yes you can if you have the right type of kayak. My wife and I go out sometimes 2 miles to kayak fish Ocean kayaks are wider and and the hull is shaped differant than river kayaks also the best kayaks for the ocean are the sit-on top they are more stable. More room to work with and if you flip you can get back in a lot easier that the sit in type. They sell small collapsible anchors for kayaks and they work great. Never go out alone and tell people where you are going and what time you comming back in. A hand held GRMS radio is a plus. Be aware of the tides, Wind direction and currents. If you have sit on top make sure you put on a lot of sunblock.

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