is there any nice affordable housing left in the country?

all i wanna do is live comfortably without living paycheck to paycheck fish and kayak on my days off live maybe close to water and not have to worry about money all the time. Im struggling and i make more than the average person I believe.

2 thoughts on “is there any nice affordable housing left in the country?

  1. cknoce Post author

    Spartanburg, SC. is the place for you. One hour from Asheville, NC which offers lots of hiking, mountain trails, etc.

    Look on and you’ll see a lot of property for under $100,000. Get in with a real estate investor, and you can find even better deals.

  2. Robert W Post author

    that is not allowed anymore. Say thank you to the people of california who set the new standard that you have to exceed what you make in income and are controlled by the giant thumb in washington dc. If the citizens could control themselves and make good decision they might overthrow the giant political machine.

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