Is there any way a I could learn how to hunt, fish, kayak, camp?

My dad is retarded when it comes to the outdoors and I would love if there could be a place or person who could teach me these skills. This is because I want to teach my kids how to do this stuff. Is there no hope for people like me? (I’m 17 by the way )

2 thoughts on “Is there any way a I could learn how to hunt, fish, kayak, camp?

  1. Booger Butt Post author

    find some friends that are experience in those things,…i have been doing all that stuff (except kayak) most of my life and there is nothing like it…do not try it by yourself…find somebody to teach you…the results will be you will also learn mpore as you go…

  2. SB1976 Post author

    First things first. You really should be more respectfull to your dad. He may not know much about these skills but he probably has other valuable skills.

    Now go to these websites:

    These two sites have tons of information that will help you. Wilderness Outfitters has an organization called Pathfinders which exists to help young people learn wilderness skills such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and wilderness survival. If you check your local area, there are probably some hunting/fishing stores and maybe you can get a part time job there. Those places are a great place to find people that will help you learn. Finally, just go out and do it. Start with fishing and camping. Get some buddies to go with you. You don’t need tons of gear, just a couple of rods and reels hooks, sinkers, etc. Dig up some bait when you go. Try bait fishing first. Remember to get your license before you go. If you camp, take a friend or two with you. All you need really is a tarp, a wool blanket, groundcloth and a sterno stove (really cheap stove). If you build a fire make sure it’s legal where you are at and be careful. Clear away the ground around the fire pit. Build a small fire. PUT IT OUT before you go fishing or when you leave. When you leave your campsite, carry out all your trash. Your campsite should look like no one was there, when you leave. Maybe once you learn a few things you can teach your dad and both of you can go. There are thousands of websites on hunting/fishing/camping/kayaking, but if you can find someone to teach your one on one, you’ll learn a lot quicker. Have fun.

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