Kayak Kanopy Shades Kayak Fishing Classics Series

Kayak Kanopy Joins Kayak Fishing ClassicS Series

By Katrinka Swenson

Kayak Kanopy, the maker of a canopy for kayaks, is a proud sponsor of the Kayak Fishing ClassicS tournament.

Melvin Hopkins couldn’t stand the Florida sun beating down upon him while bicycling. Using the knowledge his mother had taught him, he sewed together a cover for his bike.

After a discussion with another biker, the owner of Canoe Outfitters in St. Petersburg, the idea sprung to create the same cover for a canoe. In 2008, a year and a lot of research later, the canopy designed for a kayak launched.

His wife, Linda, helped him to develop the design of the cover.  Made from unique parts, handcrafted by Melvin who used to be a welder, the canopy works for all widths of kayaks, and allows for coverage from behind the seat, providing protection for any bags on board. The material used is specially designed for boating, and therefore, can withstand the elements, with an aft window flap.

The coverage from the back of the kayak is exclusive to Kayak Kanopy, as all others are only flat material above the user. Whereas other canopies are nearly impossible to remove while the kayak is in the water, Kayak Kanopy designed their products to be easy to install and to dismantle – even in the water.

The canopy is a great product to aid any avid kayaker in comfort. It protects from harmful and hot sunrays, rain and other natural elements.

For more information about the Kayak Kanopy and the ClassicS, visit their site at            http://www.KayakFishingClassicS.com                                              


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