Looking for kayak sugestions, preferences advice?

I am looking for a kayak that will do well in some slow moving rivers, and very mild rapids . I want it to be a sit in kayak, and be able to have a spay skirt put on it. I want it to have lots of dry storage and fishing rod mounts( one or 2 is fine, dont need a bunch). I am looking for just specific models and companies of kayaks. The one ive seen is called The future beach Trophy 126. Ive heard good things about it. Is this a good company? Also is Advanced elements a good paddle company. I do want a good paddle, not over 100 dollars ( dont want to be up a creek without a paddle!) also i would like to put my cap off limit on the kayak at around 450 ( this can flex a bit). I know these are some very specific limitations, but i wana make shure im making the right choice, thanks!

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  1. g_steed Post author

    A good source for the kind of information you are seeking is the library. A kayak that you are describing may not exist. Use the library to learn about various kinds and models of kayaks. You should also consider attending some kayak paddling classes. Kayaks are not good fishing platforms. An open canoe is much better. Consider stability and gear access.

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