Never fished or kayaked before! Help!?

I am going with the my school to Canada, BC, where we are going to kayak in the ocean, and fish. I want to ask, what are some kayaking tips, and what are some basic fishing tips. Is it really hard to kayak? Please help, because I don’t want to look bad in front of my friends

2 thoughts on “Never fished or kayaked before! Help!?

  1. Aaron T Post author

    kayaking is easy and fishing is average , just get a good flick on your rod when fishing

  2. g_steed Post author

    Interesting question! Kayaking is not an easy sport to master. Sea kayaking is dangerous. I hope your school will provide schooling. Check your library and read about the sport. Fishing can be really simple or exceedingly difficult. Fishing: again you need lessons. Kayaking: learn the safety rules first. Wear a PFD. Never boat alone. Fishing? Patience and observation.

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