Newport Harbor Fishing Questions?

I am going fishing in Newport Harbor (California) on a kayak. Is this a good idea? What kind of bait/lures are the best? I will be fishing for sand bass and maybe halibut

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  1. CB Post author

    If you’re going to fish the harbor you want to fish the opening. You want to figure out where the currents are. You’re looking for a blind spot where bait fish will be swept right by a place that a predator, in your case bass or halibut would hide. That’s where you want to present a bait or lure that looks like the kind of bait that will be in the water. This time of year I believe you’ll have mackerel in the area. Mackerel are a cannibalistic fish so I think if you fish with a small cast master or crocodile shiny type lure you might have pretty good luck. I would fish deep though, and try to lure those predators off the bottom and into the current to catch what they think will be an easy meal.

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