Ocean fishing from a Kayak.?

What part of the world do you fish and what tactics do you use to catch them.

5 thoughts on “Ocean fishing from a Kayak.?

  1. baywarrior Post author

    you can ocean fish from a kayak from texas to calfornia to Hawaii, or where the big pelagic fish swim close to the beach or rigs that are close to shore

  2. gimmenamenow Post author

    I ain’t going out on the ocean with a kayak, I stick in the Indian River Lagoon (east central Florida), and use anything from live shrimp or mullet to gulps or anything else rigged weedless. As for what I’m catching…. redfish, trout, the infamous Indian River Lagoon pufferfish…. don’t have the balls to take it out to the port, but out there, there’s all kinds of good stuff, flounder, jacks, pompano……….. we get just about any fish you can find in coastal waters along eastern Florida, maybe not the same sizes as you’re gonna get if you catch it in the ocean, but still, the same fish.

  3. famgile Post author

    I like to ocean fish in Southern California or rather that’s where I live. Fishing is better down in Baja or in N. Calif. Kayak fishing works pretty well ’cause you can launch in places other boats can’t. The down side is paddling and handling fishing gear. It’s not really very hard. Bait and lures work well. Haven’t caught anything very large but others claim to have in this area. A kayak is certainly cheaper than any other sort of boat and probably more seaworthy than most. But get some experience kayaking before setting out alone.

  4. Injun Post author

    The funnest thing about kayak fishing is u can do it all!Shallow to deepwater!A buddy of mine even kite fishes with one.On the bad side or fun however you see it is when u hook a 6 foot bull and he takes u for a 1 mile run,lol!

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