Pelican Potomac Fishing Kayak 2

In the last episode, we taught you how to increase the storage space, and accessibility of your Pelican Potomac Fishing Kayak.  This time around, we are going to show you how to increase the comfort.  As you know by now, they didn’t smooth the edges out on the inside hatch of this kayak.  It will rub your legs raw after an hour or two, not very pleasant.

As you can see, I took more of the PVC pipe insulation, and wrapped it around the inside edge of the hatch.  It was a perfect fit, from one edge of the seat, all the way around to the other edge.  This allows your legs something soft to lean against while you are paddling, fighting a fish, or just resting.  Again, as last time, it is secured with a lot of duct tape on the inside.  This keeps it from being visible.

On the top of the hatch, resting my arms on the plastic would hurt my elbows after a while.  I knew that this had to be fixed as well.  I took another piece of the PVC pipe insulation, and cut it in half down the length of it, giving me 2 pieces.  I laid these down on top of the rails, and secured with duct tape again.  These allow me to rest my arms on something soft, as well as set the paddle down quietly.  No more banging against the plastic on the kayak, scaring off every fish in the vicinity.

At the front of the hatch, I took another piece of the insulation, and cut it in half length wise again.  Cut these into pieces about 2″ long.  You need 4 for each side.  Stack 2 pieces together, and tape them in place, creating the front side of the paddle rest.  Now, repeat again, stacking 2 more, and taping them on.  The distance should be about the width of your paddle handle.  What you are trying to do, is create a little dip or recession, for your paddle to rest in, instead of having to find a place to store it.

That sums it up for this post.  You can make a cheap fishing kayak very comfortable, and stay within your budget.  I am going to prove to you that you don’t need a $1000 fishing kayak, all you need is some posts on Pelican Potomac Fishing kayak Rigging by Kayak Fishing Edge.

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