Sit on top tandem kayak? What’s it good for?

I’m looking at buying an inexpensive sit on top tandem kayak.

I’ve been around boats a bit — crewed on tall ships and motor vessels, and have done a bit of whitewater rafting and am swiftwater rescue certified at the tech level.

Given all that, if it’s a very basic sit on top (and I have zero experience with them), what’s the learning curve? Is it pretty safe for my (life vest wearing) 6 year old on ponds and lakes? How do they respond to currents? Is it a craft I could — after getting used to it — take out in reasonably calm ocean water? On rivers?

If my dad visits and wants to use it for trout fishing on the lake, will it work for him?

Thanks in advance!! 😀

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  1. veggiekayak Post author

    A sit on top wouldn’t be that safe for white water,(although great for surfing) as there is little protection, but fine for the sea. Also bear in mind….. you will get wet and there is little protection from the wind.

    Consider a double closed-cockpit kayak or even a tourer/sea kayak as they provide much more protection and even a little space to store fishing rods, tackle and sandwiches…

    hope this helps

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