Sound Fishing from and Ocean Kayak: Rods?

I plan to go fishing in the Pamlico Sound in NC in the spring. I plan on using a kayak. Will I need a special rod to do this or will a freshwater rod work fine? I have saltwater reels, but I’m used to surf fishing, so I need a shorter rod for the kayak. Thanks!
What type of Ugly Stick Rod? Is it a sensitive rod tip?

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  1. Hunter Post author

    Brian,I’ve tangled with that idea myself and you are on the mark with a short rod ,but storing the fish,assuming you get fish would have to be in a bag or basket by your side or with two closed kayaks together one would have to put fish in the others hatch. If its -sit atop kayak one would use a cooler I guess.Problem is if it is a rough day or a smooth day for that matter on the water you wouldn’t want a hatch left open and exposed, as you know you can’t reach it to close it if there is a problem develop.Also the hatches can develop a lot of heat in spite of cold water temp. to be able to keep fish.I don’t know if there is an answer in what I said cause I’m thinking my way through this. You know the older people here who used larger boats here in East Coast Canada would cook some of their catch along with boiling potatoes and using pre soaked bread etc would have the feed of a lifetime ,they called it Fisherman’s Brews .You know tandem up a couple of kayaks together and you can still do that.- LOL–Doing that on the water a few days in a row I’d have to be cut out of the Kayak.

  2. stop_makin_cents Post author

    A good 7′ M fast action rod should work fine.

    I fish out of a kayak (Old Town) and have found my 7′ spinning rods work well. Yes, you can use your freshwater rods, but make sure to spray them down after each trip.
    Spinning tackle is easier to cast in a Kayak than bait caster’s. Look into a Ugly Stik “Lite” series for an inexpensive saltwater rod.

    And if you do catch your “limit” and wish to keep some fish for supper use a nylon stringer and attach it out of the way of your “paddle-stroke” area.

    It’s also a good idea to have some type of “mini-anchor system” or “clamp” to attach to spartina grass or tree limbs. Being “blown around” by the wind can be a hassle and tough to deal with. If it is windy, try trolling until you get a strike and then “slow-down” and fish that area thoroughly.

    Speaking of trolling: Install a removable rod holder!

    And MAKE SURE you have a line secured to your PADDLE! Losing a fish is bad, but losing your PADDLE is life-threatening!

    Hope this helps ya? Good luck!

    UPDATE: The Ugly Stik “Lite” Series rods have better “sensitivity”, (than the regular Ugly Stik series), so you can feel a strike easier. They cost about $40. You CAN get a nicer rod, but not for under $50! A 6′ or 7′ rod works fine, although, I have found my 7′ rod seems to “subdue” fish quicker and easier.

    As I stated before, a removable rod-holder is really more important than whether your casting a 6′ or 7′ rod. Space on a Kayak is quickly GONE when you start adding tackle boxes, stringers, anchor/clamp systems, extra rods, Etc. And if your a “tackle-hog” like me, you will have to “downsize” into a couple plano flip-boxes. I suggest you carefully plan where & what you intend to bring and follow the K.I.S.S. principle.

    (Keep it simple, stupid!) LOL

    Hope this helps? If you need more info just let me know.

  3. AIRFLO Post author

    I wouldn’t bother changing rod size because of the fact your used to one rod and by changing it your more likely to be unfamiliar with using it this could cause more problems than a shorter rod. As long as the tip of the rod is protected it shouldn’t get snapped.

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