What bait do red rock crab prefer?

i am going fishing off of a peer at kayak point and want to catch red rock crab what should i use?

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  1. jonal Post author

    Any kind of fish or meat in large chunks it can get it’s claws around and hold onto. You want it to hold on cos you’re going to lift it out of the water. With a decent dinner in it’s pincers it’ll hold on to it.
    If it smells, it’s even better than today’s fresh stuff.
    You don’t need a hook or fishing line. Just tie some bait onto a length of string with a weight on it and drop it over the side. Then drop another dozen over. Ordinary garden string is fine and old sparking plugs, wheel nuts, bits of rock etc will do for weights.
    Wait for a few minutes and slowly lift them. Crabs hang on to food like there’s no more coming.
    Sometimes one will drop off as you lift it out off the water. You’ll still get more than you can use unless you’re selling them to a local fishmonger.
    At low tide on a rocky shore walk around weed-covered rocks and hook the hiding crabs out with a large hook tied onto a broom handle. We can get fifty in a morning that way. No shortage, they get more plentiful, not less.
    You may have local laws about permitted methods so check with those first.
    Good piccie on here and how to do it.
    http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100410001006AAp3xpB . . . . .

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