What do you know about Deep sea fishing?

im doing a prject so here are some of my other questions:
– what do you need to go jungle hiking?
-Can you go kayaking in a river?

One thought on “What do you know about Deep sea fishing?

  1. John F Post author

    Well, let’s start out that most “deep sea” fishing isn’t done in the “deep sea”. Most deep sea fishing trips are within a few miles of land, over the continental shelf at depth usually less than 100 feet. The term deep sea has always had more appeal, especially for landlubber tourists who were used to fishing in shallow lakes or streams. There are, of course, lots of sport fisherman, who fish in depressions and canyons for larger game fish, but that is only a small percentage of the deep sea trips. “deep sea fishing can take place off of private boats, charter boats or “head boats”(also know as party boats or day trip boats). It can involve trolling, bait casting or bottom fishing.

    I have been fishing my whole life (56 years old) but I have never done any fresh water fishing. But I have done lots of “deep sea” fishing and surf fishing. Luckily, I am not a real good fisherman, so I don’t have to interrupt my relaxation actually catching fish.

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