What is a good but pretty cheap (400-500) fishing kayak?

I’m looking for a good fishing kayak that is comfortable and hass a bait well and/or a place to put the fish that u catch.

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  1. lyg Post author

    I got a Pelican Sit-on-top Kayak that I think will be great for fishing this year. I got one from BJ’s Wholesale Club on sale for $300, from $400. I can’t find the model on the site though, I guess its an older model. But I did find these four kayaks that you may be interested in:


    Some of them have two rod holders, and would be great for fishing. They have a spot in the back with a bungee cord so you can keep your catch. The site doesn’t have the price of the boats, I guess you have to contact a dealer. You may also want to look at Dick’s Sporting Goods, they have a large selection of kayaks as well.

    I hope I helped.

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