What is the best brand/type of kayak?

I would like to surprise my husband with one, but I know nothing about them! He will be using it in lake water, doesn’t fish, and can use it year round. I know they can get pretty expensive and I want to keep it lower to mid-range price wise if possible. Any suggestions?

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  1. seattlesailor2000 Post author

    i’m impressed with the hobie line of kayaks. they have models that can be paddled, you can also get a foot powered system and even a sail option. here is a link to their web site


    these are sit upon kayaks so for colder weather or water you will need a wet suit.

    we have also owned folbot kayaks here is a link


    folbots are kayaks in a bag so storage and transport is not a problem, they are very stable and suitable for big rivers, lakes and bays.

    heres a link to lower priced kayaks


    hope this helps

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