What is the best kayak for fishing the is preferably under $700?

What is the best kayak for fishing the is preferably under $700?

4 thoughts on “What is the best kayak for fishing the is preferably under $700?

  1. Hunter Post author

    Under $700 Coleman comes to mind ,and I know there are plenty others there in the States.Suggestion check similar ans. here on this site back a few days and on one kayak question quite a few brand names were given.

  2. stop_makin_cents Post author

    I recently purchased an “Old Town, Guide 2” ,($500) , and have had a “blast” fishing from it! Old Town makes excellent , quality, products.

    I put a detachable rod-holder, paddle strap, and rigged a plastic “clip” & rope, (for clipping to docks, trees, etc, instead of an anchor).

    I have caught more and bigger fish from my Kayak than with my Lund or old Ranger. I use it mainly in small ponds, lakes, and streams where there is no boat access/boat ramp.

    The only “issues” I have had with it:
    The seats are horrible! If you get a kayak, immed buy a cushion too! And on windy days, it’s near impossible to “fish the windy” side of the lake, ( You HAVE to fish the “calm” side!).

    Other than that, my Kayak is my “secret fishing weapon”. (lol)

    Good luck with your search for a boat!

  3. Capt. Charles Wright Post author

    We do a ton of kayak fishing in Everglades National Park. While you could write a book about kayak selection and rigging, we use three different kayaks. By far the Hertiage Redfish 12 — it fits in the rack system of the Yak Attack (The Kayak Transport Boat), is extremely dry for a SOT and is very stable so we can stand and sight fish the shallow flats.

    For bigger loads and for fly fishing we use the Hertiage Untimate 14.5… a very veritile boat … kind of a canoe/kayak hybrid.

    For long distance paddles, the Tarpon 160s by Wilderness Systems are hard to beat.

    You can see some of the boats on http://www.EvergladesKayakFishing.com. We are in the middle of revamping the site, so I do not know which photos are still posted

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