What is the best kayak to use for paddling bait out in the surf.?

I live in Corpus Christi, TX and fish on the National Seashore. The can be rough at times, and just want to know what brand/model of kayak would work best.

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  1. A Texas Packer Fan Post author

    I live in CC aswell and we use Ocean Kayaks… any kind will work. We prefer the two seaters though. Two people paddling makes it easier to get out to the drop off point.

    Good Luck Shark Fishin’!!

  2. chepay Post author

    Check this kayak models like Jackson Hero/ Super Hero,Jackson Rocker,Liquid Logic Jefe,Pyranha Burn and Wave Sport Habitat.

  3. theseakayaker_com Post author

    Most fishing kayaks are not built for speed or surf. The only kayaks that will take the surf well are sea kayaks. The best sea kayaks for open ocean swells and surf are British designed hulls. The high sweep to the bow and stern are designed to ride higher on the surf and handle a following sea much better.
    If you are limiting yourself to a surf range of two to three feet, the Wilderness Systems “Freedom” sit-on-top works very well. Also look into Heritage Kayaks. They have a nice range of sit-on-top sea kayak designs.
    You will need a kayak that is fast and has good secondary stability. Most fishing kayaks, with a lot of primary stability and no secondary, are the kiss of death in a surf zone.
    Also, you should look into getting some kayaking in surf instruction and have your rescue techniques down pat!
    Don’t end up like the two guys kayak fishing off the Charleston coast. One was found five mile off shore. The other washed up on the beach several days latter. He became fish food!

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