What is your experience with inflatable kyaks?

I’m thinking of buying one for fishing. No room to store it at home. I drive a sedan, so no equipments to carry it to the lake.

Does the kayak woble in the water?
Is it durable?
Is it cheaper?

3 thoughts on “What is your experience with inflatable kyaks?

  1. Phil G Post author

    From my personal experiences kayaking i don’t think they are up to par with a standard plastic or fiber glass kayak. They are a bit less durable and not as stable as a normal kayak is on water. However, since you are going to be using it on a lake and for fishing instead of river or ocean kayaking where you can hit rough waters you should be fine.

    Also since you said you drive a sedan and it would be very hard for you to transport a conventional kayak i think it would be a great alternative for you and you might save a few bucks while your at it.

  2. coloclone Post author

    I have an AIRE Tomcat tamdem… Basically your bottom of the line IK…

    The thing is awesome though. VERY stable even in whitewater [Seems like the more crap I strap to it, it becomes more stable]. I’ve taken on Class IV [Arkansas River in Colorado] and it was awesome…

    I am also able to pack up 10 days worth of gear and overnight Utah rivers.

    My only concern would be fishing hooks poking holes in the boat. But flyfishers use belly boats right?

    AND… The super bonus… You can haul all the beer and chicks that don’t want to get wet on your tubing trips. HAHAHA!

    ETA: I bought one of these used… great deal.


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