What would you think if you saw a Muslim sister ?

fishing, kayaking, sailing, camping, hiking, skating ….etc.

Sisters do you go, if so what do you wear?….Do you wear jeans and longs tops with your hijab?

How do you feel about these outdoor activities are they for muslim sisters or not?
For those of you who do these actives or ones similar to the ones i mentioned: Do people stare at you and say bad things? What do you do when they begin to say bad things?

21 thoughts on “What would you think if you saw a Muslim sister ?

  1. AmOuNa 4 EvA {wants chocolate} Post author

    time for duhr I’ll be right back 🙂
    ————————- why the thumbs down? i just finished praying!

    i go fishing with my dad sometimes. and i love ice skating. i usually wear a long shirt and loose pants/jeans. and a hijab that doesnt fly back in the wind.

  2. True.Creed Post author

    time for isha I’ll be right back 🙂 – lol jk

    I think its normal… A while back when i waz in Canada.. My mom used to have trips with her class (she private teached) and they’d go do all different types of activities.. Camping, rock climbing, canoeing … All that stuff, and most of them we’re hijabis if not all (not to sure, but i know my mom and sister and some of the girls wore hijab)

    no one really said anything, and it doesn’t matter what people think.. As long as your having fun…

    as for islamic view… As long as your acting the way a muslim should act, and not going against islamic teachings.. what’s wrong with having fun?

    Muslim women are humans to. They have to have fun and go out just like any other Muslim man..

    As for swimming… well thats a different issue.. I know at beaches people go down with their hijabs, and clothes and all that…. But i don’t think you can do it in public swimming pools… It’s best to go to a private place… but yeah, thats the only sport/activity which i think differs from the rest….

    Salaam Walaikoom

  3. XOM07 Post author

    The only thing wrong with it, is that…fishing is boringgg. lol.
    There’s nothing wrong with it, except you might make a few guys feel insecure when you tell them you know how to fish, kayak, sail, skate etc, and they dont. lol.

    btw, if i saw a muslim sister do that, i would be very impressed…very impressed. lol.

  4. `Nur aℓ Huda Post author

    Oh Gosh. I really dislike the fact how women think how they would “look” when they do outdoor activities which do not necessarily require a certain type of uniform. I believe God has created this beautiful, striking world for all mankind. No-one should be left out just because of their sense of dress, or if they wear the Hijab.

  5. (: Conceited and Proud!!! :) Post author

    Nothings wrong with it. The other day i went skiing. Im a muslim girl, i wear the hijab and everything. I wore jeans, a long shirt, and a skii jacket, and my hijab of course. It was fun.

  6. wandering soul. Post author

    my goodness! there is nothing wrong with a muslim lady doing any form of sports so long as she is properly atired, my friend is an Iranian lady and she is a teacher of Taekwondo,she wears her hijab and kicks butt all at the same time! lol.
    jeans with a top covering the bottom would be fine for any thing she would like to do. xx

  7. Meilien Post author

    Hijab just means modest dress, you’re thinking of a Burka.

    So long as you wear a headscarf and you’re not wearing tight or revealing clothes then you’re fully compliant with Islamic law. And there’s nothing in Islamic law against any of the pursuits that you mentioned.

  8. *Lulu* Post author

    I would wear hijaab, long sleeve top, jeans and tennis shoes.
    Ofcourse those outdoor activities are for muslimahs too.

  9. wazgud :::>★ {shooting star} Post author

    i would wear my baggy cargo pants which ripped (i’m going to have to buy some new ones T__T) with a long, cotton top (usually 1/4 sleeve, i’ll admit, but i’m all for long sleeves now! yayy)…tunic + loose…with a vest/light jacket if weather permits

    jeans aren’t so comfy, but if you like them then no probs…just keep it loose and modest

    about people: usually we’re having too much fun to care, but if i ever noticed them, they’d usually be smiling or something cuz who doesn’t love to see people have fun and try new things?

    if they say bad things, you ignore them and continue on your merry way…if you can’t ignore them you confront them, catch em off-guard and walk away cuz you have better things to spend your time on

    go w/ a group, it’s funner and more supportive if you feel you might have to deal w/racists or that sort

    Allahu A’lam

  10. BalsimicLove Post author

    Ive been fishing with my husband a few times before..

    Ive gone to the fair with my girl friends last year…

    Ive gone into the swimming pool wearing the hijab…

    I think as long as a girl is being modest theres no harm in having fun..

  11. Makaarim Kouthar Post author

    Salam alkum, When I go fishing, kayaking, sailing, camping, hiking, skating, riding my horse or the ATV, I usually wear jeans and a long top and my scarf… Only once someone told to take off my scarf, It was in the summer in los angeles.. I looked at him and asked him if he was bothered by it and he said yes, then i said good I’ll keep it on..
    He looked at me and left.. When I went back to skwl, in San Diego I saw he was a new kid at my skwl.. I was like OMG… Its him… He was in my class then my partner.. I was freaken out… Later on we became best friends.. I still dont know how? Every time we think about how we met we start cracking up laughing… . Subhanallah,

    Salam alkum

  12. m.e Post author

    well i’d fall in love with u if i saw u doin any of the stuff u mentioned..

  13. Mary Cherry Post author

    when i see a muslim sister, i just act and be normal, like its anyone doing any of those activities, in the end, its just a person wearing a peice of fabric around their head, it shouldn’t matter…

    i dont wear a hijab, and i wear whatever i like

    absolutely. they are for muslim sisters, why wouldn’t they be,

  14. Schmidty!!datsyuk for president! Post author

    i would yell AAAAAAA TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. smiley Post author

    I love hiking and will be swimming in a burkini soon. I just wear work out clothes that have cool max or some kind of sweat asborbing material and a al-amira hijab. I have gotten some looks but not a lot actually. Being a hijabi shouldn’t keep you from outdoor activities- it may be a little hotter for you than most but live your life- modestly!

    I will be participating in a walk for cancer for my work soon, also

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