where can i buy accessories for my kayak ?

i’m buying a new kayak … where can i buy things that i will need for the kayak … such as water bottle, a seat, fishing rods etc the kayak will be mainly used for water sports and exercising however it will also be used for fishing and duck hunting maybe

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  1. JPG Post author

    It really depends… If buying the kayak from a store… the store will have all the accesories… if online (it will probably have accesories on the site as well) but i would use coloradokayak.com (very wide variety of stuff) and isn’t just an online store… has stores all over colorado that i go to…

  2. g_steed Post author

    Stop! The last thing you should do is buy a kayak. Attend a kayak school or take some lessons. Read about kayaking. A canoe is a better platform for fishing than a kayak. A kayak requires: a PFD, paddle, flotation bags and a skirt. A helmet is also advised. You will need a car rack. Special clothing will make kayaking comfortable. Talk with friends that are already in the sport. Join a local club.

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