Where do you keep your catch?

I have a fishing kayak and I fish freshwater. I keep the fish I catch on a stringer, but it doesn’t keep them alive as well as I’d like. Does anyone have a better way of keeping their fish alive and swimming?

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  1. B-DIDDLES Post author

    1. They make bags for tournament fishing to keep fish alive longer.
    2. No fishing well?
    3. Fish basket.
    4. Clean them as soon as you dock if not

  2. Tria R Post author

    depending on what you’re catching , try using a metal bait cage or a metal chain stringer with large clips like safety pins.

  3. evo741hpr3 Post author

    If you are using a stringer that puts a rope thru the gills then you need to switch to a stringer that uses metal clips.

    I usually use a cooler full of ice to preserve my catch.

  4. fishindave5117 Post author

    unless you really enjoy eating the fish you catch, release them they dont die that way and the fish will continue to flourish so that your favorite fishing spot will always be a great place to fish. other wise use a collapsable mesh cage, putting a stringer through their mouth and gills impairs their breathing that is why most usually die after just a short time on stringer especially if their smaller.

  5. cowboydoc Post author

    I have a very large cooler strapped to the back of the boat, a 25 foot.

  6. Chiefs and Nachos Post author

    I’m with cowboy on this one. If its a fish we’re going to filet it goes straight into the cooler – right after we cut the gills.

  7. Large Mouth Bass Post author

    Put the stringer loosely through BOTH jaws . This will keep them from drowning when you are moving .

  8. spindler7 Post author

    use a cooler with water in it because after you clean them you can use the same cooler to put them on ice for the way home

    fish drowning? nonsense!……..sorry i could help it

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