which is better for fishing?

i want to know what is better a kayak or paddle boat used for
trolling for trout
jigging for stripers
bass fishing
catfishing with worms

3 thoughts on “which is better for fishing?

  1. Minky Post author

    If using one of those two boats is your only option then go for the paddle boat. It’s much more stable and you won’t accidentally roll over when and if you catch something.

  2. lance s Post author

    i agree that a paddle boat would be more safe and stable for numourus types of fishing but if you are planning on trolling for trout and such then you would probly be more sucsessfull using some kind of propelant such as a trolling motor or a small engine, the reason is that when trolling its good to keep a constant speed and paddling a boat would get very tiring after a while and might through off the action of your trolling jig or what ever you are using and in return the fish would not want to hit something if they are sceptical about the bait.

  3. beeverfishing_me Post author

    The wider and more stable the boat the better off you are.

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