how should i convince my mother to but my a small boat like a kayak or something?

i was thinking something for me to fish in but nothing inflatable also what are you guyses suggestions on the boat i buy if she says yes????I was wanting one for my brithday or christmas my birthday is only two days after christmas…

3 thoughts on “how should i convince my mother to but my a small boat like a kayak or something?

  1. Grand Master BasserĀ® Post author

    Is your mother really willing to shell out $900+ for a birfday present?

    Kayaks built for fishing don’t come cheap…

  2. ruger Post author

    you dont’ say what size water you’ll be fishing? small lake or large pond, get a 12ft. canoe. alum. or plastic. they work great just always wear a good fitting life vest (stearns) is a good brand

  3. Ole Fisherman Post author

    Can’t afford a NEW Kayak or Canoe? Tell your Mom to purchase a used Kayak/canoe off of Craigslist. On average, you can get a VERY nice used Kayak/Canoe for around $200-$300.

    In fact, with the current economy so bad, many people are unloading perfectly fine kayaks/canoes for dirt cheap!

    Ugh….the way you convince your Mother to buy you a boat is through “price”. And if you can get a used boat at a 1/4 of the price of a new one, she may be swayed.

    Another way to convince her?? Tell her you are willing to do odd jobs around the house, (raking leaves, mowing, washing dishes, cleaning, cook a basic dinner, Etc) to help her. Good deeds are usually paid well………

    Hope this helps ya?

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