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I have to choose between two things. I need help. What should I do?

On Saturday April 18 I have two options to choose from. Option 1 is go hand in my job application or Option 2 is to go out and celebrate nature on this nationally recognized day dedicated to our very own planet, EARTH! Activities include a live honeybee demonstration, nature walks, a composting demonstration, canoeing, kayaking, container gardening, fishing, music, and more. Don’t miss the green vendors’ tent and information tables of local environmental groups, outdoor enthusiasts, and other earth-minded organizations working in our bioregion.

Should I get a 10 foot or a 12 foot kayak?

I weigh 235 and I am 6’3″. I can’t fit in most kayaks I will use it on some slow floats in Missouri rivers. I will also use it for fishing. What are the pros and cons for both 10 foot and 12 foot kayaks. I have looked at 10 foot Ascend kayaks from Bass Pro Shop and 12 foot Dagger Axis from REI (It is a bit too pricey, but I love the cockpit). I wish I could find a new or used Dagger for cheaper.

What Should I do to make my lower back and butt comfortable on my sit-on-top Kayak.?

I’m a kayak fisherman with an sit-on-top Emotion fisherman kayak. I have a cheap seat and I have tried a $100.00 seat before which I took back. While I fish my lower back gets sore I’m sure a more expensive seat will make my butt comfortable but my back needs support, maybe its the way I sit but I usually shove something behind my lower back to act like a lumbar in a car seat for relief. I’m 6’0 tall 215 lbs thick athletic build. All the seats I look at don’t seem to have any kind of lower back support. I usually quit fishing because my back gets so tired so any kind of advice would help. Thanks for your answers.