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how should i convince my mother to but my a small boat like a kayak or something?

i was thinking something for me to fish in but nothing inflatable also what are you guyses suggestions on the boat i buy if she says yes????I was wanting one for my brithday or christmas my birthday is only two days after christmas…

What is your dream fishing boat?

Whether it’s a bass boat, a deep-v-hulled boat, a kayak, a conoe, a rubber boat, a Zodiak-lookin’ boat, a skiff, a saltwater flats boat, a trawler, a commercial sportfishing boat, a cabin cruiser, anything. What’s your absolute dream boat?

What is a boat that one person can fish out of that takes no gasoline?

It’s not a canoe, because my canoe takes two people to get anywhere. That thing is and heavy. It’s not a Kayak because you have nowhere to put the fishing gear.
I want to bring the average amount of fishing gear, and I’d like to bring my 30 lb dog along for the ride.