animal crossing-kayak,fishing,net,sleigh,insurance?

1.i was given a kayak,its like a leaf when i put it anywhere but my house…i think…what do i do with it? is it worth keeping, or just an ornament? i bought a net and when i press A it is used but i never get anything in it it worth buying a sleeping bag tourney…well i am bad at fishing and what goes on in the fihing tourney

is the sleigh worth it?

DS by the way

also what is up with that insurance thing? should i get it

please if you can answer any of these questions

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  1. felingfrogie23 Post author

    To your first question the kayak is just for decoration. The net for bug catching can be a little tricky, a lot of times you have to sneak up on bugs especially in the winter where they remain more hidden. In the spring and summer it is a bit easier because more butterflies are around. Bugs can be found under rocks suck as pillbugs which require a shovel to knock them out. Also requiring a shovel is the mole cricket that you have to unearth. For bugs on trees walk up to them instead of run so they will not spook and fly away. As far as I know about the sleeping bag its a decoration, so if you do not like usable decorations only buy it if you want it. The sleigh is also just a decoration. The fishing tourney is for who can wrangle in the biggest fish, its not necessary to do to get the gold fishing pole, or anything else but in game bragging rights and a prize. The insurance deal for lyle is useful if you get stung or bit by a bug such as a bee, the nest day you get a 100 bells, but for counterfeit art you buy from red its not to useful so maybe buy the first package and forget the rest. For anymore questions go to, ill put the exact site for my sources. Good luck.

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