Any of you guys have experience shark fishing from the beach in NY?

I’d like to do some beach shark fishing this Summer in the New York area. Thought I’d take the bait out in a kayak some 300-400 yards from the beach. I have all the gear for it already, I just need some input as to where exactly I should try if I want to hook into some decent toothy guys. Any kind of advice is welcome. Thanks.
“The worst day fishing is better than the best day at work.”

2 thoughts on “Any of you guys have experience shark fishing from the beach in NY?

  1. kavekarst Post author

    Suggest the following. Kayak out to something you can tie off to. Underside of low bridge up to
    nine miles up tidal reach is ideal. Tie one end of 50 feet of half inch diameter polypropylene rope
    using bowline knot. Tie other end to handle of empty bleach bottle. Tie on second fifty foot rope
    of half inch polypropylene to bottle handle and tie five feet of quarter inch welded chain to other.
    Use tie wire to secure your shark hook to other end of chain. Bait with a big piece of roadkill or
    something equally savory. Lower baited chain. Come back the following day. Use this system
    to exhaust the shark. Think of it as leverage to decrease capsize potential.

  2. Tony Post author

    Nope once went Shark fishing on Wall Street though they do not like getting hit with the sinker and `12/0 hook

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