Anyone hand-line fish from a sit-in kayak?

I’m a day-tripper, but I have never fished from my kayak.

I don’t want a rod and reel; I want something simple, cheap, and compact to fish with.
I asked about a pocket-fisherman but was shot down.

So how about something even simpler; a hand-line with a hook on the end?

Can I catch a 20 pounder without being dragged all over the place?
I have never caught a 20 pounder and don’t think I will anytime soon. Realistically the fish would be 5-10 lbs

3 thoughts on “Anyone hand-line fish from a sit-in kayak?

  1. xscout9094 Post author

    A twenty pounder will take you for a ride and probably cut your hands with the line. I would recommend a telescopic rod or a travel rod which can be broken down into four pieces and stored in a small case.

    Even with a rod, a twenty pound fish will pull you around.

  2. kevin Post author

    You can easily fish from a kayak with a rod and reel. They make mountable pole holders for all different yaks. People even troll using a kayak. The simplest way is to attach the rod and reel to your bungees.

  3. Grand Master BasserĀ® Post author

    Handlining is going to be pretty much impossible from a kayak. How are you going to handle and control your fish. REALISTICALLY, any fish that pulls line from your hand is going to burn the sh*t outta you when it runs, no matter if its five pounds or twenty pounds.

    Don’t forget though, you’re still using fishing technically and a license is required.

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