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how should I hook up my kayak anchor?

I got a kayak anchor for christmas, and I would like to know how do I hook it up? I don’t want to do the trolley style. I just want a cleat on the side of the boat around the back of the seat. My question is where do I put the anchor when I’m paddling so it doesn’t keep sliding all over in the boat? It’s the 3lb folding anchor. Is there like a clip or something I could put on to store it out of the way? Also what type of rope should I use, the deepst I’ll be fishing is probably 15 ft.

Can someone give me advise on purchasing a Kayak?

New to kayaking. Im looking for a tandem kayak that is affordable, I will be using it for mostly fishing. I am just having trouble finding a used and/or affordable one. I cant see myself spending over $700 on basically a hull… I have looked at the pelican elite but i havent seen any reviews on the elite series and its not really made for fishing. I also am not that worried about tracking I paddled 7 miles on a $100 inflatable and Im sure anything is better than an inflatable,not to mention hook resistant. And what is better sit on top or sit in? Thanks…..

Anyone hand-line fish from a sit-in kayak?

I’m a day-tripper, but I have never fished from my kayak.

I don’t want a rod and reel; I want something simple, cheap, and compact to fish with.
I asked about a pocket-fisherman but was shot down.

So how about something even simpler; a hand-line with a hook on the end?

Can I catch a 20 pounder without being dragged all over the place?
I have never caught a 20 pounder and don’t think I will anytime soon. Realistically the fish would be 5-10 lbs