best place to fish at in southern louisiana.?

I wanna try some new areas, ive been fishing in montegut, cocodrie, dulac. i dont have a boat yet, but i do have a fishing type kayak. any ideas of where i can go, if you live in louisiana

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  1. Average Joe Post author

    I don’t know anything about Louisiana, but one thing I do know is that no matter what state you’re in you best tool is the internet. Google maps or which ever mapsite you like gives you tremedous knowledge to your lakes, rivers, and oceans, you can find piers, jetties, and open grassy shores. Once you find an interesting body of water, google it, and loads of info comes at you in 1 second. From forums, to guys who will give up a spot for nothing to State Park/Recreational public info.
    You can find info about whats restricted there or what fish are in the water, contour of a lake, and so on.
    I’ve found many fishing holes this way. If it was 20 yrs ago, I would have wasted a lot of gas and a whole lot more of my time. We have it easy now, I can’t imagine how it was like finding info on fishing decades ago, those guys really paid their dues, thats the reason why many anglers keep their spots top secret, because they earned to find them. Well, sometimes its not 100% guarantee on-line, but beats the alternatives.

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