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best place to fish at in southern louisiana.?

I wanna try some new areas, ive been fishing in montegut, cocodrie, dulac. i dont have a boat yet, but i do have a fishing type kayak. any ideas of where i can go, if you live in louisiana

Best place to travel to in Mexico?

My parents and I are planning a vacation for a week in Mexico.. But we dont know where to go.
My parents mainly like to go to the beach and chill there so we need a nice beach with nice clear water..
We also like to do activities such as scuba, fishing, kayaking and whatever so this place must have this not so far from our stay..
Please help thankss

Where is the best place to catch bass in the Ocala area?

I’m moving to Ocala this August and I would like to know where I can catch alot of bass. I’m a catch and release fisherman so I don’t intend on keeping anything. I just want to catch a bunch. I will be fishing from a kayak. PLEASE HELP!!!!!