Can a hooked fish flip your kayak?

I will be hand-lining for walleye but just out of curiosity;

if a 50 pound Asian carp decides he likes my jig what will happen?

I know he’s gonna pull me but can if he swims downwards can’t it flip your kayak over?

4 thoughts on “Can a hooked fish flip your kayak?

  1. Sonny H Post author

    u can tip the kayak with no fish,, its how to use the kayak as always -its in the boaters choice of being safe !

  2. Josh Post author

    I’ve seen it happen at a small lake in my area that I take my small pastic boat to. The guy was Bass fishing, and ended up snagging about a 25 pound Grass Carp in the back, and well, he ended up a little wet. On the other hand though, this guy had just got the kayak a couple weeks prior to this, and didn’t have a feel for them yet. I’ve never been on a kayak, but I’d say once you get the feel and technique down, you wouldn’t have much to worry about. Those pictures that James provided shows some fish much bigger than 50 pounds (obviously) being caught out of kayaks. Very cool pictures actually.

  3. Bret C Post author

    I fish and hunt from a kayak, at times. Hand-lining I can say I’ve not tried. Without having some sort of drag system it would make for a difficult time. Generally when someone goes over, it’s from the counter-reaction if the fish comes loose. The same could be said for a 20 lb flathead or even a 10 lb walleye. The person is pulling back so hard that if the fish comes off, you end up having to much force going the other direction and end up wet. Personally, I’ve taken on some water, but never went over. I’m sure I will, you can only do these things so long before you stop paying attention to detail.

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