Can somebody explain a balloon rig for shark fishing to me? 10 PTS Guaranteed!?

I have looked at all the sites and stuff and none of them really explain it or show a picture of a real one.

My questions:
1. How does the balloon “Release” after it gets into deep enough water? ( I fish at night and I also have a bb gun to do the job).

2. Do I just get a wind blowing away from the water by pure luck? or can the balloon rig work with just current?

3. If the current is against me and the wind is against me, what options do I have for getting the bait into deeper water? (Don’t have kayak and im not jumping into dirty water, not today).

4. Since i am planning to use a whole mackeral/bluefish/ladyfish, and a 6oz-8oz weight, will casting still work from a Penn Senator Special/Penn Slammer Rod combo?

5. LAST AND UNRELATED: Is chumming neccessary? Would just bleeding a fish work?
I am fishing from here:,-95.677068&sspn=50.424342,75.849609&ie=UTF8&ll=30.277488,-87.556186&spn=0,359.981482&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=30.277459,-87.556284&panoid=wRCMlYfg86L3zL6kPehIWg&cbp=12,155,,0,-3.42

4 thoughts on “Can somebody explain a balloon rig for shark fishing to me? 10 PTS Guaranteed!?

  1. Goop's Post author

    The balloon rig for Shark fishing , the balloon is a float it supports the bait at a set depth and indicates a bite. I think what you are confusing it with is a drift rig, for the drift rig you need some very weak nylon 3lb breaking strain, blow the balloon up as big as you need to support your tackle tie it off the tie on about a foot of the nylon and tie to a swivel in your trace now gently lob your tackle out into the current ,when it gets to where you want it wind down and strike hard that will snap the weak nylon , then let out line so it sinks straight down…..good luck
    If both the current and wind are against you , Go home and try another day

  2. JD Post author

    A balloon rig is a really simple way to keep your bait at a desired depth. I’ll try and answer your questions to the best of my ability:

    1. The balloon will typically pop when a shark is on the line and it takes the bait down. You do not need any fancy ways to attach the balloon, blow it up, and tie your regular balloon knot AROUND the fishing line at the point you desire. Even if it doesn’t pop or release, when you reel in it will eventually hit the first eye of your fishing pole and pop off. Not a big issue.

    2. As long as you have a little bit of wind, and a decent drift (1-3kts) your bait will be away enough from your boat. Also not a huge issue.

    3. I’m assuming you mean your boat is drifting faster than the bait making it rise up in the water because you’re pulling it? If so, stick a lead weight down the throat of your bait. Up to 5oz should be enough to keep the bait nice and low.

    4. Okay now I’m confused… are you surf-casting for shark?

    5. Chumming isn’t necessary, but lets put it this way: Assume someone was cooking one brownie in the oven and you could just about smell it, but kept walking by…. now assume that same someone was cooking 3 trays of brownies and it’s such an overwhelming smell you can’t help but get one. Catch my drift?

  3. Joe Post author

    When the shark takes the balloon down into deeper water, the pressure increases, popping the balloon.

    The balloon rig works best with some wind, but current can also provide enough movement.

    Just put a big weight a few feet up the line then a big foam float near the hook and cast into deeper water.

    You may lose some rigs due to break offs, but over all you should be fine.

    A few bleeding fish would work, but you would be best off to cut the fish into chunks and throw it overboard, 2 pcs at a time, with a lot of blood.

    Good luck!!

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