Can you attach a electric motor to a kayak?

I have a 15′ Dagger Savannah kayak and wanted to know if I can attach a electric motor to it for long fishing trips across large lakes. Is this possible to do? Any recommendations for specific motors if so?

3 thoughts on “Can you attach a electric motor to a kayak?

  1. Jacob Post author

    As COOL as that could be, most motors are not symmetrical. It would simply tip the kayak. Kayaks and canoes are not self righting so it would tip.

  2. fishtrucker Post author

    The biggest problem is stability .Where you put the battery will greatly affect an already tippy situation . The motor must be mounted as near to the centre line as possible. Not easy on a double ended craft.Speed and direction controls will be awkward . A bow mounted design would be the easiest to adapt to a stern mount on a kayak . One with foot controls would solve the speed control problem.Trolling motors of this design generaly are made with more thrust / higher voltage / and a bigger price tag than you would want

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