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Can you attach a electric motor to a kayak?

I have a 15′ Dagger Savannah kayak and wanted to know if I can attach a electric motor to it for long fishing trips across large lakes. Is this possible to do? Any recommendations for specific motors if so?

What is the best way to set up a trolling motor on a fishing kayak?

I want to put a trolling motor on my kayak to make it pretty much hands free. Where u he eat place to put it? If there is any way to neatly put a foot controlled trolling motor on it, that woul be even better?

Airjet Motor Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Testing the W500 super fishing kayak with a small gas engine. This engine setup is a concept test, not an actual product for sale. More Info on Wavewalk super fishing kayaks on www.wavewalk.com