Can you kayak to Jamaica?

Im kayaking from Muscle Shoals AL and trying to kayak all the way to seattle via mexico and west coast stickin to shoreline so i can hunt fish camp and cook.. or jamaica.. but is jamaica even possible?

4 thoughts on “Can you kayak to Jamaica?

  1. Banjo and Sullivan Post author

    You cannot cross the sea in a kayak like that. You will need a dry or wet dock to rest.

  2. marshmallowinferno Post author

    Your best off to fly to Jamaica and rent a kayak. Its too dangerous to kayak such long distances without the proper equipment and safety boat. How experienced are you?

  3. campaholicone2000 Post author

    Open ocean crossings in a kayak are possible, but extremely dangerous and take lots of preparation. Compass headings are a must, as you are heading out to destinations that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Ocean currents can have you drifting severely off course. And, did you happen to notice that rather large island called Cuba that lies between the US and Jamaica?

    A crossing of that size would demand an escort boat to accompany you for safety, and for sleeping.

    Have more fun…. go from the tip of Florida and hop from Key to Key. Safer, US soil, and you can paddle shorter distances. Again, know your map/compass skills, and make a trip plan, and schedule check in points with someone so that if you don’t arrive at your next destination on time, they’ll know where to look for you.

  4. donald_g15 Post author

    I would say if you could kayak to seattle from alabama i would think you could handle kayaking to jamaica ! there was a guy that paddled from england to the united states but he used a special kayak that also had a sleeping cabin and plenty of room for everything he needed as well as electronics! possible yes ! if you do it let us know!

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