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Can you kayak to Jamaica?

Im kayaking from Muscle Shoals AL and trying to kayak all the way to seattle via mexico and west coast stickin to shoreline so i can hunt fish camp and cook.. or jamaica.. but is jamaica even possible?

Best place to travel to in Mexico?

My parents and I are planning a vacation for a week in Mexico.. But we dont know where to go.
My parents mainly like to go to the beach and chill there so we need a nice beach with nice clear water..
We also like to do activities such as scuba, fishing, kayaking and whatever so this place must have this not so far from our stay..
Please help thankss

Water Activities in New Mexico: Swimming, Kayaking, Boating, Fishing?

I’m moving to Santa Fe, NM next year for employment and education enrichment and I would like to know where the residents of the city (or state) go to swim – not swimming pools – canoe, kayak, etc. Any nonpolluted lakes or rivers for water activities?