Can you use ice-fishing rods for regular lake and creek fishing?

I got a kayak now and it is not big enough to haul a regular fishing rod so i was wondering if an ice-fishing rod could still be used for fising in large creeks and lakes?

8 thoughts on “Can you use ice-fishing rods for regular lake and creek fishing?

  1. A Not-so-Old Fisherman Post author

    I don’t see why it won’t work. You just wont be able to cast out as far. Good luck fishin’!

  2. andy Post author

    it will work. i use one for hiking and backpacking it works good for smaller fish but i wouldnt trust it against a pike or bass

  3. BOBBER Post author

    I’m sure it would, I caught a 18 lb pike on one a few years ago ice fishing.

  4. bassplayer_1313 Post author

    sure, it will work. you’re just going to be limited in what size lures you may want to use if you plan to use it for anything other than panfish.

  5. Curtis Post author

    I have used an ice pole in open water several times and actually pulled out some fish! Casting is the biggest disadvantage when trying to use an ice pole in open water.

  6. Jerry E Post author

    youcan use the ice fishing rod but why not put rod holders on your kayak like i did i have 2 ove thim 1 in front and one in back workes quite well foe me

  7. James W Post author

    Ice fishing rods will work but there are better choices.

    Those tiny rods are not easy to use at all. Casting distance will be limited. Casting light rigs will be difficult. You don’t have much hook setting power. Turning the fish will be harder. If the fish shoot straight for heavy covers, tough luck! You must change your hand movements to accommodate the loss of rod length in order to make lures work properly. Simply put, it won’t be the same as a regular rod. They are awfully cute in my eyes but they are not practical unless you are ice fishing.

    Since you’ll be kayak fishing, I really don’t see why you couldn’t use regular rods and reels. I’ve seen too many people use regular setups on kayaks including fly rods. I’ve seen people trolling with 2 rods mounted in the back while another 2 rods were packed nicely in the front cargo net. I’ve even seen people mount fish finders on their kayaks. Why give up those luxuries and opt for something less desirable? Take a brief look at the following links might change your mind.

    PS: There are rod holders designed for kayaks for sale and they are readily available.

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