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I live in upstate south carolina and i was looking to get a kayak. ?

i have never owned a kayak, and plan to use it mostly for lake fishing. i was looking for the cheapest place, but i am 6’4″ 245lbs so that does kind of limit my choices.

Can you use ice-fishing rods for regular lake and creek fishing?

I got a kayak now and it is not big enough to haul a regular fishing rod so i was wondering if an ice-fishing rod could still be used for fising in large creeks and lakes?

Where is the best NON-MOTORIZED lake for kayaking/fishing/camping in Oregon?

Our family only has kayaks, so we are hoping to find a lake that doesn’t allow boats, but has very good spots to fish and catch trout and possibly steelhead. We would also like there to be a nice, clean campground.