does an inflatable kayak Flip easily?

i got an intex K2 challenger kayak today. i was hoping to fish out of it. how sturdy are these kayaks? and just in general inflatable kayaks.

2 thoughts on “does an inflatable kayak Flip easily?

  1. binzing Post author

    Fairly stable. Fishing out of an INFLATABLE kayak isn’t the smartest thing though. Hooks aren’t your boat’s friend.

  2. SB1976 Post author

    I’m not familiar with the K2 but most quality inflatables have high initial stability. I would imagine that your boat is fine for fishing as long as you are carefull with the hooks. I used to have a cheap Sevlor kayak at it was fairly stable, but not very roomy. If you catch fish, be careful of the fins puncturing the the fabric.

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