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inflatable kayak which is better??

i looking to purchase my first inflatable kayak,im looking at the sevylor amazon and the sevylor ranger KRC79 both seem to be around same sort of price on ebay,a seller has offered me a ranger for £165 which seems a good price but they both look identical boats is this correct if so which one would suit my needs for calm river fishing….

Folding/Inflatable Kayak for day use…?

I am looking into buying a kayak for mostly day use on lakes in the nearby area and possibly in the ocean. Purpose would be mostly recreation and fishing. Would an inflatable kayak be worth it? They seem less inexpensive than the folding brands. I am looking to stay below $800, but willing to spend $1200.

does an inflatable kayak Flip easily?

i got an intex K2 challenger kayak today. i was hoping to fish out of it. how sturdy are these kayaks? and just in general inflatable kayaks.