does anyone use an anchor for a kayak?

in lake erie, i often drift while fishing in my kayak… i thought for fishing an anchor could be quite handy. if so is there a particular size of anchor that would be good?

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  1. Dan Post author

    Get a brick with holes in it, and use some 1/4″ rope to use as a rode. It does not take much to hold a kayak relatively still. The brick will not have much holding power to the bottom, but it is cheap and disposable. In some conditions a real anchor may sink your kayak before you know it. All it would take is a good hold on the bottom, a short rode and a large wake, and you would be under the water.


  2. Vey Hawt Post author

    WHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!! an anchor for a kayak.!!~~~ ROFL… LMAO……!!!!!!!~~~ LOL*1000


    2 points…..

    *yes.. listen to Jamezace.. jump off in the middle of Lake Erie to put the anchor in position*

  3. jamezace Post author

    yes there is an anchor for a kayak, it’s bout 4lbs
    and has foldable hooks, i have and use an anchor all the time,
    it’s great when i want to jump off and wade fish.
    when you drop it in the water make sure the hooks are open ,
    and if the bottom is soft just step on it and smoosh it in….
    if bottom is rocky it’ll catch and hold…….good luck

  4. Robert R Post author

    A really inexpensive way to make an anchor for a kayak or other small boat is to take a coffee can, set a small loop of rebar in it so that the loop sits about 3 inches above the lip of the can, and fill the can with cement or concrete.

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