Essential Kayak Accessories

There are a few essential kayak accessories, that if you are planning for any time out on the water, you are going to want to make sure you have installed on your boat. These kayaking accessories will not only ensure that you have a much more comfortable trip on the water, but also that you come home with all of your gear, still attached to the boat.

Having a rudder installed on your boat will dramatically reduce the amount of effort it takes you to keep the kayak moving in a straight line, and is one of the best kayak fishing accessories that you could install on your boat. By spending less time correcting your boats heading, and more time paddling in a straight line, you are going to get to the fish quicker, and return home, with much less energy being spent than if you were in a short kayak, with no rudder at all.

Next, you are going to want to think about some leashes. Kayak leash accessories are usually made of bungee, but some anglers even use heavy pound test fishing line, to strap their gear down to their boat. Anything that is floating loose should be strapped down, in the event that you flip the kayak over. If you don’t have all of your gear tied down properly, you could be scuba diving for the more expensive items for a few weeks after you have completed your trip. Believe me, this is not fun, at all.

Lastly, think about the type of creature comforts you want on the boat. Things such as GPS, fish finders, and even an extremely comfortable seat will go a long way towards helping you enjoy the day, compared to other kayak anglers that don’t have these simple kayak accessories installed. You can easily improve your trips, by spending just a few hundred dollars. If you are serious about the sport, this is probably one of the best investments you will make, short of purchasing your favorite fishing kayak.

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