Fishing help in Austin?

Where is a good place to fish in the summer in Austin from either a dock, shore, or maybe kayak. What fish are good, I’m a bit of a beginner. Any tips would be appreciated. I hear under the bridge on 360 is good, but theres too many boats. Also, we would plan on drinking but not littering of course, if you’ve had any bad experiences with park rangers please share.

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  1. Chimp Dancer Post author

    There’s a small lake just around manor that would suite you guys perfect. It’s called ” Decker Lake” or officially known as ” William E. Long.” Since you’re in a yak, it’s easier to slide up on the many shore banks and get your party on. Here’s the deal though, the warden does go out there from time to time and if you’re paddling that yak with beer breathe when he / she rolls up on you then expect to be a resident at the jail house. Anyways, It’s not a good idea to drink and boat . As for fishing, go to the dam and fish the rocks using night crawlers. The rig is simple, a 2/0 hook tied directly to the line with a split shot about 12 inches up. You can also use small shiners for this too. Big bass came out of that hole with this method. Keep your eyes out directly in front of you, ( away from the dam) and you might catch schoolies feeding on the surface from time to time. Don’t bother to fish the outlet from the power plant, it’s hot water. Instead, fish the intake on the opposite side. ~good luck catchin’

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