where to go in a kayak or off the shore??? i need a go place please help


  1. cyndee Post author

    There are so many places to fish in this area…

    My first reply was mostly for kayak use. But if you want off shore ideas too. I have a few suggestions. One of my fave was always going to Rancho Murietta. I have heard they fenced off the area out there now. We have caught many trophy size German Browns and Rainbows at New Melones.
    Of course, it is a bit of a drive. You can go to Placerville and fish the creeks. I always liked that too. Folsom Lake is good for bass. Miller Park in Sacramento, Clarksburg, stripper, sturgeon, catfish. The Sacramento River, The American River. You can go to the numerous areas of Folsom Lake and have different luck. Lake Natoma is best for kayak.

    Check the newspaper sports for the local fishing scene.
    It will tell you what is being caught, how and where.

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