what kayak is better???????

sit on top or sit inside used for fishing i had a jon boat but i sucked crap so i want something smaller that can get to places that my jon boat couldnt get to

2 thoughts on “what kayak is better???????

  1. seattlesailor2000 Post author

    most fishing kayaks are sit on top so that you can easily get to you tackle box and other fishing gear. the problem with sit inside kayak your storage is under deck where it is hard to get at because of the tighter fitting cockpit.

    there are many good fishing kayak designs including peddle drive kayaks from hobie, you can also rig an electric trolling motor to your kayak.

    hope this helps

  2. Capt. John Post author

    Ocean Kayak… This is the widest kayak I have seen. It has a 35″ beam and comes with an (optional) electric motor mounted under the hull (can’t see motor when kayak is in the water).
    See link below:


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