How can I mod my kayak to make it for better fishing.?

I have a sit-in kayak right now and would like some ideas on how i could make it a better kayak.

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  1. johnny_saxman Post author

    Must haves?

    1.) A removable “soft-seat” so you can sit-back in comfort.

    2.) 1-2 Rod-holders- Rod holders are probably one of the most important features to have on your new Kayak.

    3.) An anchor pulley system- An anchor is important and you should have one on your kayak. Wind is a major concern when fishing out of a ‘yak. I designed a “pulley system” on the bow of my kayak where I can release and drop anchor from the safety of my seat. I also have a “clip” on my ‘yak to secure-off to any branches or thick weeds.

    4.) A paddle tether or paddle “lock”- If your in the process of landing a big fish and drop your paddle if you don’t have a paddle tether or lock…..your “up the creek without a” ….well you know (lol)!!!

    5.) A stringer, a small soft-sided tackle system with only your most important tackle, 2-3 spinning rods, Etc.

    Space is always an issue in a Kayak. Take lures and terminal tackle you KNOW will work, (bringing a 50LB tackle box is unrealistic). You CAN bring live-bait but it can be a hassle to keep alive unless you rig a bait system on your ‘yak.

    Hope this helps ya? Good fishing!

  2. emailabode Post author

    all those are great suggestions the only thing i would add is that from personal extensive experience of solo fishing in a kayak the paddle holder is exceptionally handy and anything you can do to make your boat quieter helps, especially things like rubber edges on the lip of the opening so when you set your paddle down it is less likely to spook fish, something i have done all to often, also any sort of rack system or places to put things for easy access is a nice addition. i personally pick out a few lures i want to use and keep them in front of me all the time so i don’t have to reach behind to my tackle box and make a racket getting that out. i also have a place to put my knife and towel

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