how does one stop the kayak if you are being pulled by a fish that you have hooked?

i am not a fisherman but was going to try from a kayak, not a fishing kayak.

7 thoughts on “how does one stop the kayak if you are being pulled by a fish that you have hooked?

  1. bumblebee Post author

    Well, since you don’t have an anchor the fish will pull you. I’ve never seen anyone fishing from a kayak….but try it.

  2. gray bird Post author

    i would think that if you turn it sideways to the line that will give more drag on the fish but you may need to just let him pull you around until he is tired and then real it in.

    or (and i know you will get this a lot) cut the line.

  3. THUNDERandFLASH Post author

    I am assuming your not going to try and real in big/strong fish? If so… might be amusing to try but be ready to cut the line haha. As for the suggestion where you try and angle the kayak to the side to get a greater drag… the only logic I have to offer for that is being capsized

  4. Misty Post author

    lol very funny. i can’t believe people are answering this question seriously! How can a liddle fish pull a kayak????!!! unless you hook a whale. If that happens then you’re buggered, in a word.

    ps. for the record, many fishermen fish from kayaks and canoes

  5. robmad87 Post author

    I live in Hawaii and go big game fishing all the time from my kayak. I’ve caught fish up to 35 pounds and lost some bigger ones. I even caught a shark that must have been about 400 pounds! The good thing about fishing big game on a kayak is you can use light line, like 30 or 40 pound test. You really don’t need anything stronger because if you put too much drag on the fish he will tip you over. The fish will pull you around until he’s tired. I’ve fought fish for up to 80 minutes this way. You can see my kayak fish pics on flickr with the link below.

  6. Stephan M Post author

    Don’t bother trying to stop the kayak. Let it tow you around. It won’t get too far and it will do most of the work you’d otherwise spend trying to reel it in.

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