How pheasable would a trip along the east coast of US be in a kayak?

Basically I have been thinking a lot lately about doing this, I regularly go several miles out in the ocean fishing out of my kayak. And have been thinking about just taking off one day along the coast towards a destination of florida. (from delaware) So in your opinions the average cost of the trip would be, wanting to penny pinch as much as possible. Water and rice wouldn’t bother me one bit. As I’m an avid fisherman and could easily get a fish here and there for extra protein. Also, I have a sail rig constructed for my kayak that would assist me in my journey.That being said, Looking for some opinions on this idea.

4 thoughts on “How pheasable would a trip along the east coast of US be in a kayak?

  1. Ashlee Post author

    While I personally have not done this I would suggest contacting this guy, goes by the name of Kayak Kevin. Here is his website This guy does ocean and bay kayak fishing out of Virginia Beach, namely the Chesapeake Bay which you should be familiar with. More importantly I would read his blog on his trip from Virginia Beach to Florida by Kayak, it sounds like what you have in mind. He paddled from Virginia Beach, VA to Pensacola, FL, it took 4.5 months but he still did it. He has a pretty good write up and might be of help as well.

    Good luck on your journey

  2. c_kayak_fun Post author

    Hey, go for it! If you want inspiration, read Freya Hoffmeister’s blog at

    She is in the final weeks of paddling her kayak solo around the entire continent of Australia (facing hazards like giant Great White Sharks that bit her boat, man-eating Salt Water Crocodiles, jellyfish, 200 km long stretches of cliffs with no place to land, storms with waves up to 30′ high and one gulf crossing where she paddled, ate and slept in the kayak for 9 days and 8 nights straight). She started on 1/18/2009. During 90% of the trip she has set up her own tent and cooked her own meals alone. She has also paddled around New Zealand and Iceland in previous years.

    The blog is fun to read and has a lot of photos and tips on how she equipped herself along the way and found people who would give her places to crash and help getting supplies. There have also been interviews with her about the trip in Sea Kayaker magazine all this year so you could probably find the articles on line.

  3. John Post author

    why dont you try going down the inter-coastal water way it would definantly be safer then using the ocean where you could be killed waves and sharks and jelly fish (oh my)!

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