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I am taking a trip to Maine. Can I have some travel tips?

I need some good suggestions/links for:
Mountain biking
Deep sea fishing
Rock Climbing

I will be staying in the Rockland/Owls Head area.

i am taking a 1 day trip to aransas pass can someone help me?

hey listen i am gonna try my luck at reds and trout.
i need a few pointers.i am basically a rookie at this saltwater stuff and i was wondering what the fish might be hitting on as far as artificial bait in the bays.i will be wade fishing,possibly fishing from a kayak.
dont really know what to ask but any bit of info will be helpful………thanx

How pheasable would a trip along the east coast of US be in a kayak?

Basically I have been thinking a lot lately about doing this, I regularly go several miles out in the ocean fishing out of my kayak. And have been thinking about just taking off one day along the coast towards a destination of florida. (from delaware) So in your opinions the average cost of the trip would be, wanting to penny pinch as much as possible. Water and rice wouldn’t bother me one bit. As I’m an avid fisherman and could easily get a fish here and there for extra protein. Also, I have a sail rig constructed for my kayak that would assist me in my journey.That being said, Looking for some opinions on this idea.